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Keto and Cruising

Life’s been good. I’m still doing dirty Keto. I even managed to lose 3 pounds on my last cruise. I passed my 100th day on this new lifestyle and still find it amazing that I’m not having craving issues. My entire life was eating to my cravings before this.

I’ve started serious walking to get to running. When I exercise, I lose weight slower, but that’s because I’m building muscle. I try to remind myself of that as the scale slows. Every day I wonder how losing a pound a week is slow weight loss. Keto amazes me. I did finally lose another inch at my waist.

Blue Jean shopping scared me last week, but I had to do it, mine were hanging on only because I was cinching in my belt tight. One hundred days ago I was in a sixteen now I’m in a 10 I almost passed out when I had to return the 12’s.

As I mentioned above, I just got back from a Bahamas cruise. I found my first #Cruisingduck. My sister and I had a blast! It was International talk like a pirate day. We Dressed up with a great group and took so many photos with people.

It was my first time on Carnival Freedom, one of the smaller ships. I enjoyed the size because we kept seeing the same people over and over.

Carnival Freedom Sept, 14, 2019

I’ll be cruising again at the end of this month on Carnival Vista and will be hiding my first batch of #Cruisingducks. This will be my first cruise with my husband, so it’s a historic occasion. Next September, my sister and I will be taking the same cruise on Vista.

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