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 Around about May 2002, I started getting very excited about turning forty, by the time my birthday rolled around a few months later, I knew something was going to happen. In December of 2002, I looked at a picture of one of my favorite actors on my computer Desktop and I heard him in my head say, "What am I going to do with you?" a shiver went down my spine and I started writing. There Michael Zane was born and I gave up my freedom. 
    My family laughs when someone asks what have you been doing because they know, I've been writing. Morning, Evening, Night, I write. I love my characters and talk about them obsessively. 
    In great fear, I had my mom edit and read Michael Zane. She was the first of a long list of; I couldn't put it down's. My sister finished it at three in the morning and wanted the next book. A friend also told me she read all night and requested my next book as soon as it was ready.
    I hope you enjoy Michael as much as I have.
Laura Emmons
I'd love it if you wrote to me at 
Laura at LauraEmmons dot Com
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