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About Me

The first story I remember writing was about a girl who had been kidnapped. I was twelve.

As a military brat I traveled my school years. I’ve seen things and spoken to people that sparked my imagination. I walked into new schools eight times, being the new girl again and again. I was the quiet one who just stuck her nose in a book.

I have been a voracious reader my entire life. I remember finding Barbara Cartlands, then growing into Victory Holts. I still see peacock feathers as unlucky because of her. I started Anne McCaffrey’s at eighteen, and moved into the universe.

Now my bookshelves are full of Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher ect…

I turned 40 and I heard a voice inside my head. He said, “What am I going to do with you?” I couldn’t shake the statement so I wrote it down in a file on my computer. Suddenly I have another kidnapping but with much more detail.

Kindle Unlimited changed my life. I found so many authors, and realized I could use this medium to put out my much-loved characters. I hope to share them all with you. The Psycho’s, killers, deeply hurt men and women who desire love as much as everyone else. They might not listen well when you say no, but they pour their entire being into you.

I write dangerous romance full of violence and iffy consent. I promise HEA’s because I learned from Barbara Cartland a romance must have one. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I enjoy them.

I have an email list I would love you to join so I can keep you up to date on my new releases.   


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