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I thought it was time to share one of the changes in my life.

On July 3rd, 2019, I realized I was going to have to up my insulin again. I just couldn’t get my blood sugar numbers down. I’d been talking to my sister about the Keto diet she’d been on for 6 months and suddenly just decided I was starting.

I spent 6 months thinking about this change. I just knew my popcorn habit and the fact I love bread would make this impossible, but during those months, I found myself dropping carbs, eating less popcorn every day.

I’m on day 49, I’ve had one craving (when I was sitting in a room with a theatre-style popcorn machine teaching a class on creative writing.) I am full all the time, but not uncomfortably so.

I told the doctor it was like magic. It was the most amazing thing I’ve done for myself ever. (It was even better than purchasing my robot vacuum, Bob.) It's not easy but I feel so much better and it's a choice I made for myself.

If you thought I couldn’t shut up about writing you should hear me when I start on Keto.

I’m not done, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be a regular Carb eater again. My doctor thinks what ‘s happening is amazing. The second day I was off my 140 Lantus shots, I’m not off all meds, but my blood pressure is low to perfect at the moment. My body is having to adjust to the new rules.

Ok, so here I am 49 days in, and I’m 25 pounds lighter. I’m losing about 2 pounds a week at the moment and have just started exercising. (I would almost faint when I did any heavy work till I realized I had to get off the blood pressure meds.) I am including a before and right now photo. I cut the dress into a long shirt, so the picture isn’t exact, but it’s close enough.

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