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New Music

Yes I bought the CD. I need to own the physical product to know I have it. Yes I have a bunch of CD's all taking up room as the music lives in my computer. I think it's part of being 54.

Come with a world of pure imagination....go there to be free if you truly wish to be.

That my friends is why I write! Nothing can compare to my imaginary worlds and it wouldn't be fair to ask them to. It reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago about my writing process.

Get out of my head!

By Laura Comer

“Charles get out of my head! I have to listen to my husband,

it’s important, Fredrick you too. I know you feel it’s vital

to get your thoughts and dreams down in my computer but I have a life to live.

No, I won’t be up with you again at three a.m. listening to your seductive words,

well maybe if I wake and I feel stiff,

maybe I’ll slip out quietly and let your wavy red hair loose,

I may let your sensual lips kiss hers.”

“Yes, dear, I’m listening. Yes, I know the dishes have to be washed

and the clothes need to be done. I’m listening.”

“Grey, keep your hands to yourself, I’m busy with my husband at the moment.

I know you need to shoot Doren but just let me finish here.

No, you don’t have to worry, he can’t hurt her while I’m away from the computer.

Give me a few more minutes and then my husband will be off to work.

Yes, I know how badly you want to touch her hair.”

“No, dear, I won’t forget to pick up the dry-cleaning and

I’ll be sure to get the kids from school. Yes, I know my computer

is always on and those pictures of men always stare out, but there my muse.

Yes I know they’re all strange looking but they inspire me to write.

Yes, I’m sure I need the pictures on even when I’m not writing.

Yes, of course I understand.”

“Dolin, sh, just for a moment, yes, I know I left you bleeding but it couldn’t be helped,

I really have to get these dishes done, the mold is at least a fourth of an inch thick.

Yes, of course, I’d love to run my fingers through the keyboard but… I,

Ok, just for a moment. You did what? No, never, you can’t die!

I can’t let you die, I need you Dolin, she needs you. Who will protect her if you die.

Who? Your evil brother, the one who’s really got a good heart!

I didn’t know that, are you sure?

He didn’t kill the butler it was the maid and he covered up for her

because she has three hungry children and her husband’s dead! Really!”

“Oh, hi honey, I’m glad you're home, yes, I really tried to,

but my characters just won’t leave me alone.

Seriously, I did try, half the mold is gone off the plate,

but I did get ten thousand words done today, the kids?

Oh no, the kids, I’ll be right back!”

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