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Keto is weird

I was having lunch at McAlister’s we split the Southwestern Chicken Avocado Salad. I got both the Avocado sides because the other person is allergic or intolerant. “Are you going to have to add Avocado?” he asked.

I responded with no, it got me thinking. I’ve never tried a diet that works for so many people, so many ways. You can be a Clean Keto eater, Dirty, Lazy, Strict…and they all work. I’m a member of a Clean Strict group on FB. (TeamKeto 15-Day Keto Kickstart) For support they are fantastic that’s why I’m still a member but don’t post Dirty questions they’ll gang up quickly. The Dirty group I tried was mostly confrontational so I stick with the strict group.

All of us have the same issues. Since I hit my 1st goal weight 175 I’ve plateaued. I’ve been around 175 since November 28. There are some mornings it bothers me but most of the time I just shake it off and keep moving forward. People mention my face is thinner. I tried on a ring and it fit. A week ago I was standing in line and realized that my size 10 jeans were feeling weird. I just moved into a size 8. I’ve never, that I can remember been in an eight. I’m still 175 but I’m losing size.

I’m down to an 8 from an 18. It doesn’t matter what the scale says. It matters that I’m able to put on my socks without an issue. If you need a new lifestyle, consider Keto it’s worked wonderfully for me.

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