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I've had a busy Summer this year as always. I teach creative writing at the local library here in town. I think this might be my 4th year, but I'm not sure. I do a 7-12th grade class.

It always amazes me how much fun I have.

Our theme this year was, "I make things up!" I had 10 steady kids and a number of 1 timers that got a bit overwhelmed. We are a very loud boisterous group.

I've found that talking stories really gets the kids excited. We do a lot of prompts too.

This year I did something different the second month, we used faces from magazines to create characters. Lots and lots of characters, 5 an hour class. The kids notebooks are full of crazy characters they can use to work on stories.

Our kids who passed speaking in the first class where engaged by the end of the program.

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