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Paint pour

One of my favorite Crafters, Nik the Booksmith did a dirty paint pour. I had promised myself that I wouldn't do any different crafts. I would stick to what I had. Well that didn't last long. Took me two weeks to get everything together.

This is one of the coolest paint projects I've ever done. You pour the paint and you get one thing. you tip the canvas and some of the paint moves and covers your corners, then after it's dried 2 days it looks completely different from any of the other steps.

Not at all dry

It's amazing to me the change after the drying. I knew this had to have an earth in front of it the moment I poured it.

For the earth I didn't do as much of a pour more smearing involved.

I'm calling this one Hawaii. I see the lava hitting the water.

These three are the same painting the last well dried.

My Daughter's creations.

You can find her at

From the moment I saw this one i saw a tree. It didn't change as much as some of the others.

The three below are the same painting wet then days dry.

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