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Well life is moving forward. I’ve been proofreading on the book I wrote in November and moved to an unfinished book to give the November one time to calm down in my head.

We had a very strange occurrence today, we got snow here in East Texas.

Rare East Texas Snow

I thought today would be the perfect time to start the Mission Inspirations from Mike Deakin at . I tried to start last year but life got in the way after one.

I had to use all sorts of substitutes this time. I’m still not sorted out in my craft areas. Made a WalMart run for a tape snail. I have no idea where my ATG is. I used an old paint brush from the back porch. Then I grabbed a cue tip for gluing. LOL. I’m hoping my paint isn’t ruined its out side somewhere in a shed. I found out I don’t mix colors well. Olive, Aqua and Blush, I used a cheap art set I got for Xmas last year. I think I used crayons, they called them something else but they felt like crayons to me. I can't say this is my best work but I'm shocked (pun intended) it got done.

What started the crafting was the desire to make an envelope book. I watched three videos and found the one I couldn’t remember how to make. Put together another style just for the fun of it. I’m not sure what’s going into that one.

I’ll be making a cover for the envelope book when I can get to my shed and not turn into a Popsicle. It will be in the sixties any day now, it is East Texas.

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