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15th day of NaNoWiMo

I’ve been writing everyday (expunged Biopsy day from my life) for 15 days now.

I’m not happy with what I’m writing. It’s dry and the voice is wrong but I’ve written for 15 days straight. I’ve not had time to reread before writing as is my norm. I’m sure when I finish and go back my timeline is going to be wonky. I’ve not even done side notes about looks or likes and dislikes but I’ve written for 15 days straight.

I was thinking about the books I have here in my computer that I call starts. So many are abandoned because I just don’t feel like it. I’m seeing something here. I’m a writer, I write, it’s not a feel like it, or have a tingle in my brain, that pushes me on. No I am a writer and I should write it out. So what if I have to cut out words or even heaven forbid put them back after I’ve cut them.

This is about taking a stand and writing like it’s my business. Something good is coming of this forced march toward 50,000 words. I’m growing and stretching my determination. I’m resolute in my decision to revisit my starts and force them to comply. If they were not meant to be a story maybe they are parts of a story I’ve not started but they will grow.

I will no longer accept this year long writers block. I am a writer, it’s my job to write. I will open my eyes and see what the muse has to show me, but if she’s being petulant I will write anyway.

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