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Cory's Gift




“What in the world are you thinking, Cory!” a deep, angry male voice boomed.

A much calmer man chided. “You’re lonely, Bryan; even I can see that! It’s a problem. You mope around when we’re not working and I need you present. You know how much I depend on you, Bryan!”

LeeAnn tried to move, but all she could manage was fluttering her eyelids momentarily.

“I’m not moping! I’m perfectly fine, and this isn’t what I need! I’ve never failed you, Cory, but this is too much!”

“Bryan, I know best. I always know best. You’ve never argued that before.”

“No, Cory, you tell me where you got her, and I’ll take her back.”

The silence was heavy against LeeAnn’s eardrums. She tried to move again, and her head rocked to one side.

“She’s waking; let me get her back into the van?”

LeeAnn felt arms around her, lifting her slowly. “Well, if you don’t want my gift, then I’ll just get rid of it.” Cory’s voice was next to her ear as he shifted her. Her body was numb; she could barely feel him.

“No!” Bryan screamed as she went airborne and fell. She knew she hit the water from the splash, then the cold engulfed her, and she lost consciousness.



“Damn, damn, damn,” the deep voice muttered up against her ear. “Open the damn dock, Cory. It’s freezing! She’s dead weight!”

“Are you going to keep her?” Cory asked from somewhere up above.

“Obstinate, crazy jerk,” Bryan muttered. “Yes, I’ll give her a try, but if it…”

“If it doesn’t work, I kill her Bryan, no ifs, ands, or buts. You don’t enjoy her; she’s dead.”

“Damn you; I’ll keep her! Just open up the dock!”

LeeAnn forced her eyes open and coughed up water down Bryan’s muscular back. She heard a motor and saw the side of a massive yacht lowering. Jet Skis sat back from the door as it shifted, and a platform came out and down. She heard herself make a startled sound as she flew up and over. Bryan lifted himself up and out of the water beside her. Furious, flashing blue eyes met her gaze, glaring at her, and then snapped away. “I can’t believe you’ve done this, Cory?”

“I will always take care of you, Bryan.” His voice was calm and soft. “I know best, always.”

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