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My Tools for Writing

I’ve used Microsoft Word to do my writing since I started. It was something I already owned and knew.

This month I purchased Scrivener after I won NaNoWiMo, LOL I love the way that sounds. I’ve

been writing over fourteen years now. Serious writing, 25 Novels (longest 100,000 shortest 55,000), 20ish poems, journals for my kids and grand kids. I started working toward publishing two years ago with the help of my local librarians. I guess you can tell that I write because I enjoy it, because I’ve not been desperate to publish. This month I started writing every day or working on my writing. If I’m going to publish I have to make this a business in my head. I can’t give into the muse who wants me to ignore my blog and proofreading.

My favorite tools make the proofreading easier. Scrivener allowed me to easily work out my 4 years in this novel and make sure the timeline worked. I’ve not written in it but plan to next novel.

Natural Reader is something I plan on purchasing this year. I’ve used it for at least three years now with their free trial. It reads your work to you! I KNOW! I’ve caught so many errors this way. Another thing I like about it is it keeps its place.

I’ve been thinking of trying Grammarly for Word but now that I’m moving to Scrivener I’m not sure they have a addon for that.

I’m a computer writer. I don’t enjoy longhand at all. I tried writing on my tablet at the beginning of my year away but it just didn’t work. I’m thinking that was more about stress level than the keyboard. I bought a nice keyboard but it doesn’t attach so it’s cumbersome.

Next good drop in price for the Samsung T3 tablet I’m planning to go ahead and get it. Its keyboard is its case so hopefully I can just open it and write. We are talking about traveling in the near future and I’d like to keep working every day.

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